Common Reasons For Nose Reshaping

There may be as many reasons to have a nose job as there are noses. But it is important to know what can and cannot be changed and what rhinoplasty can and cannot do for you.

When you first go on see a plastic surgeon for a consultation, you will tell him or her how you want your nose to look. You will describe what you think is the perfect nose for you. Your surgeon will then tell you what he or she thinks is the best nose for you and will tell you what nose reshaping is surgically possible. What you want may not be what is aesthetically best for your nose, or may not be surgically possible without impairing the function of your nose.

Understand that it is easier to take away than to add to a nose. Once the nose has been reduced, it may be very difficult to go back up a size if you went too far during your initial nose reshaping surgery. You have to have good communication with your surgeon.

You might want to start collecting pictures of what type of nose you want. You can bring them to your consultation to show the surgeon. But be realistic! Those noses may not be good for you for any number of reasons.

Of course, you may need surgery on your nose if you have breathing problems caused by a deviated septum or other blockages or recurrent infections. Here is a list of the most common cosmetic reasons for wanting rhinoplasty, both the realistic ones and irrational ones.

Cosmetic problems that can realistically be helped by rhinoplasty:
Too big a nose
Too flat a nose
A hump or bump in the middle of the nose
Too wide or fat a nose
Too thin a nose
Too long a nose
Too short a nose
Too pinched-looking a nose
Scooped nose
A hanging columnella (the piece of skin and cartilage between the nostrils)
A crooked nose
Asymmetry, in general
A bifid tip (a ditch or cleft on the tip between the two tip cartilages)
A build up of scar tissue from breaks
A hooked nose
A “piggish” nose
Too pointy
Too bulbous
Not angled enough
Angled too much
Ethnic nose

Irrational or unrealistic reasons for a rhinoplasty wanting nose reshaping surgery:
To attract a mate or rekindle the affection of the mate you have
To gain popularity
Self-image problems
Low self-esteem due to emotional issues not connected to your appearance
Because someone else thinks you need a nose job

You might want to have nose reshaping a nose job because you think it will help your career. Certainly, if you are in the entertainment industry, this could make sense. If you are an accountant, it might not make as much sense, but everyone wants to look better, so why not? Just understand that having a rhinoplasty won’t make up for poor accounting skills.

Just be sure that you are having surgery for yourself and for no one else. Make sure that you understand that changing your nose will not change any other factor in your life.Don’t try to trick yourself into thinking you want it for the right reasons if you really want it for the wrong ones. It will save you a lot of grief (and money) down the road.


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