Nose Aesthetics: Facts about Rhinoplasty

The Keystone of the Face

The nose is located in the center of the ‘communication band’, that is, the area of the face where people first look at you, which also encompasses the eyes. For this reason, there is often some anxiety about its appearance.

Rhinoplasty – And The Nose You Want

A rhinoplasty will alter the shape and appearance of your nose. Rhinoplasty creates the new look by changing the underlying cartilage and bone. Nose surgery can make:
A large nose smaller
A wide nose thinner
A long nose shorter
Refine a big or drooping tip
Straighten a crooked alignment

In most rhinoplasty procedures, surgery removes a hump or re-builds a flat nose. The possibilities are endless and after a detailed consultation we tailor the operation that addresses your concerns. Importantly surgery to the nose

should enhance your airway.

Your first step!

The key to a successful rhinoplasty is accurate information and good communication, and it’s the reason I have compiled the “Making The Right Choices” report.

The “Rhinoplasty Report” explains:
Understanding nasal structure and its importance in rhinoplasty
The importance of nasal assessment
Why computer imaging by YOUR surgeon is important
Defines unusual variations and their correction
What are the your options
The inter-relationship between body image self esteem and nasal surgery.

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