The Importance of Nasal Cleansing

Unfortunately, most of us do not experience real breathing. Our nasal passages are clogged and obstructed with various debris and substances, mainly hardened mucus (boogers). This condition impairs proper and free flowing breathing which really makes a big difference in terms of optimal health in general and respiratory health in particular.

Also, think about all the obnoxious things you may smell on a daily basis. Did you know that smell is 95% of taste? Yes, what you smell is what you actually taste and therefore absorb into your bloodstream. This is why smell can and does affect you. This happens all the time. People smell food cooking and get hungry. They will smell popcorn popping at the movie theatre and naturally want some.

If you smell “poop” or “dung”, you have therefore tasted it. This is why many people will say a thing (food or beverage) tastes “just like crap.” Now how would these people know if a thing tastes like this unless they have actually eaten a piece of it? Ahhhh, something to actually think about (though appalling in nature)!

I know for myself personally, I despise and deplore the smell of cigarette smoke. Marijuana smoke, cologne and perfume, meat (dead slaughtered animal flesh), and cheese, especially STINKING STANKING cheese, are also high on my list of things I dislike the smell of. What we smell via the nostrils actually gets stuck in the nasal passages and lingers there for some time (days) which makes nasal flushing and cleansing imperative.

Many may say or ask “how do you possibly, sanely and safely cleanse the nostrils and nasal passages?” The answer is quite easy! You use a Neti pot. A Neti pot facilitates the Neti wash (cleanse and flush).

The Neti wash is a type of water cleansing which allows for the sinuous of the nasal (and ear and eye) cavities to release accumulated waste particles and substances that have attached to the mucus lining.

Nasal flushing and cleansing is customary hygiene practice in many countries and regions of the East such as India, Tibet, and the Middle East.

Nasal cleansing was a prescribed daily hygienic regimen of the Prophet Muhammad of Arabia. Muhammad instructed the Muslims to pour water in their nostrils as part of the daily morning ablution process. Great and sound advice from the prophet of Arabia and founder of Islam!

It is very important to have and experience good breathing. Through the nostrils we breathe in the breath of life which contains the vital “chi”, “prana” or energy necessary for optimal health.

Nasal flushing and cleansing along with breathing techniques and exercises (such as those imported via yoga) are the best things for improving breathing and flow of “chi” (energy) into the body.

You really don’t know the value of air, good quality air, and breathing until your breathing channels are wide open and unobstructed. Take it from me, a man who suffered from bronchial-asthma for many years. After being able to really breath again (due to herbs) after fifteen (15) years of breathing turmoil, thanks to bronchitis and asthma (and not to mention my hardened mucus obstruction in my nose from eating the traditional junk food-stuffs coming up as a youth – the dairy products, pastries and other refined grains, meat products, etc.), I truly began to breathe after discovering and using the Neti pot.

I bought my first Neti pot in Sedona, Arizona in 2000. This was the first time I visited Sedona. I discovered many health benefits and treasures there. The biggest treasure I discovered and brought back to California with me was the Neti pot.

I have a beautiful porcelain Neti pot that I use weekly to flush my nose (nostrils). I also use an herbal nostril flushing (Neti wash) solution with my Neti pot that is made with great sinus-helping herbs such as Goldenseal, Barberry, Coptis Root, Phellodendron Bark and Grapeseed Extract. This formula greatly soothes the sinuous lining and mucous membranes of the nasal passage and many parts of the respiratory tract.

Many professional brands of Neti Wash solutions will also contain Zinc acetate which is used for nasal health. Snoring has been nutritionally attributed to zinc and sulfur deficiency and many people with snoring problems have been helped with MSM Sulfur therapy (taking 2,000-6,000 mg daily).

In addition to the liquid herbal Neti wash solution, I also use saline in the Neti pot for each wash or cleansing. However, my saline is actually salt, sea salt. Many professional brands of Neti Pot Salt will contain noniodized salt but iodized sea salt or regular sea salt will suffice the nasal cleanse and washing process. I would never use sodium chloride or white table salt though. Never! That crap is 100% toxic and insalubrious!

Adding MSM Sulfur to the sea salt in addition to the herbal nasal cleansing solution works nasal wonders.

After I finish cleansing my nose, I inhale or sniff essential oils of Eucalyptus and Pine which greatly help to open the nasal passages. Each breath I take after this nasal cleansing process is so fresh and invigorating. But I must say that it is a real pain to perform such a cleansing and then to go out into the decadent American society, especially here in Glendale. There are hundreds of dragons (cigarette smokers) walking down the street and puffing on symbolic white phallic symbols in their mouths – cigarettes.

Cigarette smoke greatly impairs and lessens the human aura (force field), damaging the auric-etheric biomagnetic sheath (aura of the etheric body). Cigarette smoke also lingers in the nasal passages for days greatly making nasal washing, cleansing and flushing imperative. For me, only nasal washing, chakra balancing and diode therapy can help my body to recover quickly from the immediate negative effects of cigarette smoke.

Breathing is a very alkaline or alkalizing thing. It will greatly help to dissolve and expel hardened mucus (boogers). The Neti Pot cleansing and flushing process is also alkaline, mainly due in part to the herbs and sea salt.

I also ozonate the water I use for my Neti wash. Oxygen and alkalinity are the secrets to my great health. You cannot get sick with these two things in abundance in your body.

Neti wash water can also be enhanced not only with ozone or oxygen, but with crystal water of Blue Fluorite and Magnetite. These two stones are great for nose problems such as nosebleed.

Also, it is a fact that most people are only breathing through one nostril due to blockage. This blockage is magnetic in nature. You can test yourself by pressing down on one nostril and inhaling and exhaling through the other. Chances are there’s a blockage and a great one at that.

This problem can be rectified with the use of magnets, medical-grade or therapeutic magnets which are usually very small gold-plated, powerful gauss (500-9,000) magnets that are applied to both sides of the nose with small adhesive bandages that are worn for 6-12 hours daily until the blockage disappears.

If you can’t fathom the idea of water going in through one nostril and gently coming out of the other nostril which is how the Neti Pot and Neti wash process works, you may just want to perform facial tinting (steaming) – placing your head over a pot of hot, boiling water that contains a few drops of Eucalyptus oil and just breathe in the sinus-opening vapors.

In closing, concurring with the sentiments of Saat-Rai Amnwt of You-Nique in Los Angeles, California (You-Nique), in re the Neti wash, the Neti wash will truly change your perspective on what being clear really feels like and once you have experienced this cleansing you will ask yourself why no one ever told you about it before.

I would not feel the way I do today if it was not for me successfully triumphing over bronchial-asthma (with the use of herbs and radically changing my diet) and discovering and using the Neti Pot that greatly cleanses and opens up the nasal passage and sinuses. Now, I can truly follow gospel singer Fred Hammond’s advice of breathing in the breath of life – literally!

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