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Deviated Nasal Septum (DNS)

This is a 25 year-old pharmacist who has always been bothered by the appearance of her nose. She described her nose initially as one that is slightly crooked. It was large when viewed on the side. She also had problems with noticeable asymmetry when viewing her base view. She had a deviated nasal septum causing her nasal obstruction and difficulty breathing out of the left side of her nose. She underwent nasal reconstruction and Rhinoplasty and as you can see on base view, the septum of the nose has been straightened making the aperture of the nostril larger on her left side (this is the patient’s left side, however when viewing the photograph it is actually on the right.) As you can see from the post-operative photographs on the right side the patient’s nose is straighter on frontal view where her nose fits her face more. We have decreased the projection slightly (the distance that the nose protrudes from the face) and also addressed the area above the lip that was more obvious and gave the illusion of having a large nostril. The profile was brought in alignment and the patient was very pleased with this outcome as well as the ability to now breathe through her nose.
Photo RKN1-3a

crooked nose - patient 3 - before 1

Photo RKN1-3b

crooked nose - patient 3 - after 1

Photo RKN1-3c

crooked nose - patient 3 - before 2

Photo RKN1-3d

crooked nose - patient 3 - after 2