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Remedies Of Nasal Congestion

Nasal congestion normally refers to a stuffy or blocked nose. Sometimes we may find both our nostrils are completely blocked. As a result, we have no choice but to breathe through our mouth.One might think have the impression that the cause of stuffy nose is due to abnormal amount of mucus clogging up the nasal passages. This is incorrect. In fact, nasal congestion occurs when the mucosa within the nose becomes swollen. Another reason could be that the inferior nasal turbinates are exceptionally large. A nasal turbinate is a long shell-like bone which protrudes into the breathing passage of the nose. It performs the function of warming and humidifying the inhaled air before it reaches the lungs.

You may find it hard to believe that 37 million Americans suffer with sinus infections each year and it is more prevalent today than it was in the pre-antibiotic age! But that is not to say that antibiotics are not effective in treating it. In fact when sinusitis occurs the use of antibiotics to kill the infectious bacteria is the best way. In this way we look at infection sinus treatment to help alleviate the symptoms related to sinus infections.One of the best infection sinus treatment tips is to take a decongestant. Also the use of oral or topical steroids for combating sinus inflammation as well as antihistamines for those where underlying allergies are involved are other forms of treatment for sinus infection.

The Blocked Nose accompaniment may be acquired by allergic conditions, bacterial or viral infections, such as an normal cold. Head injuries may as well can cause balance nasal discharges. Environmental causes such as dealing with strong smells may as well be the cause of this symptom. Less often, is the possibility of Runny Nose can be acquired by the growing of an ectopic tooth inside your nose. If you approved all the medications and still don’t see results, ask for an X-Ray browse to make sure you don’t have teeth related problems.

The consumption of hot liquids is another classic and effective home remedy for nasal congestion. Hot tea or hot apple cider is a good choice. Hot soups are a traditional home remedy for nasal congestion, colds and flu. There really is something to the old jokes about “Jewish penicillin:” the consumption of hot liquids can cause your nose to run, flushing out congestion and irritation. Spicy liquids, including spicy soups like Chinese Hot and Sour soup, can be even more effective. Another traditional home remedy for nasal congestion is right under your nose: the use of a chest rub on your chest, or just under your nose, to be specific. Many of the over the counter rubs have menthol as a major constituent. In addition, camphor and oil of eucalyptus can be added to such medicated ointments to aid in the clearing of the sinuses and the re-establishment of unfettered breathing.

Steam can be a another great home remedy for nasal congestion. If you are able, hot showers or a steam room are a good choice. Of course, there is the old trick of holding your head over a steaming bowl, being careful not to let the steam burn your face. Putting an essential oil like mint oil or orange oil into the steaming water will strengthen the treatment.Dietary changes can go a long way to keeping the congestion from getting out of hand in the first place. Raising your intake of vitamin C and zinc will be a pro-active step in dealing with nasal congestion in the home. Another easy way to deal with mucus is to stay hydrated. Instead on the old saw of eight glasses of water a day, set a goal of one half ounce of water for every pound you weigh. Granted, that is an aggressive goal, but a good one to strive for.

Upon returning from this latest trip I decided to purchase an inexpensive humidity gauge and put it in our bedroom to deep a closer eye on the actual levels in our sleeping environment. Right now the levels are in the 50% range, which is pretty good. We live at over 7,000 feet of elevation, and we have several windows open at night at this time of year to cool off the room. During most of the year we do use a humidifier, especially in the winter months. When the furnace is on the humidity drops quite a bit, and I will now be able to monitor the levels and make better use of a humidifier with the humidity gauge. Air conditioning will also dry out the air in a room or in an automobile, so keeping close watch of this is important for people like me who continually battle nasal congestion problems.