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Nose Classification Terminology

In this post all the terminology is described, which will be used while commenting on any individual nose or types of noses.

Basic Anatomy

Depending on the position of observer’s eye there can be a large number of views of a nose. For the sake of simplification we mention main types of views here.

Nose View Line
Nose line (white line in picture 1)is an imaginary line drawn from the tip of the nose perpendicular to the face line (red line in picture 1).

Picture 1: Front view, the nose view line(white)

1. Front View
In this view, the subject looks eye to eye towards the observer thereby making the observation of nose from straight front as is shown in the picture.

Megan Fox’s Nose as seen in ‘Front view’

The Nose view line of the subject passes through the face of the observer.
In front view following characteristics of a nose can be observed:
i. Length & Width
ii. Root
iii. Bridge
iv. Both Alars (also called wings of nose)
v. Tip
vi. Base of the Nostrils (not of all noses)

The characteristics that cannot be seen in the front view are:
i. Height of the nose
ii. Inside view of the nostril
iii. Nasal Septal cartilage