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Determining Personality with shape of the Nose – Pick your nose

Nose more about your snout … from left to right: Turned-up, hawk, Greek, Roman and Nubian


BRITISH scientists have revealed the latest crime fighting weapon – noses. Authorities could soon be looking at people’s hooters rather than their fingerprints to help work out their identity.

Researchers say by looking at the distance between the eyes and the shape of the nose tip they have identified six different types of snout — Roman, Greek, Nubian, Hawk, Snub and Turned-up.

Dr Adrian Evans, of the University of Bath, says: “Noses are easy to photograph and hard to conceal, so a system that recognises noses would work better with an uncooperative subject or for covert surveillance.”

Hooters could even foil credit card fraud. Scientist Prof Melvyn Smith adds: “A system could be installed at a cashpoint that secretly analyses the face of the person typing in the PIN.”

Here, face analysis expert Simon Brown, author of The Secrets Of Face Reading, reveals what your nose shape says about you.


Famous example: Marilyn Monroe

Cute … Marilyn Monroe’s turned-up nose

NOSE NOTES: Those with these types of cute, turned-up noses are mostly kind, optimistic and full of character. They usually have nurturing personalities and like to provide love and support for their friends and family. People with this nose type often have an endless enthusiasm for new things and experiences.
Often a sign of the sexually adventurous but at the same time a person with a turned-up nose usually takes well to marriage.

Rebellious … John Lennon and his hawk nose

Famous example: John LennonNOSE NOTES: This type of person likes to carve their own path and rarely follows the crowd. They do not need to seek out the approval of others and are usually fairly rebellious. Out of the six type of nose personalities listed here they are the least likely to care about what others think of them. People with this kind of nose are most happy when pursuing their own projects or goals.

Classic … Nelson’s Greek nose

Famous example: Admiral Lord Nelson

NOSE NOTES: A classic straight shape, this nose suggests someone who is inspirational, yet functional, and a skilled organiser. This is exactly the type of person you want to be around in a crisis. They don’t panic and start thinking logically about their next move. They keep their emotions close to their chest and can be hard to fathom. People with Greek noses are grafters, matter-of-fact and efficient.

Leader … Abraham Lincoln had a Roman nose

Famous example: Abraham Lincoln

NOSE NOTES: This strong, slightly hooked nose is characteristic of leaders. It signals a strong personality but not an impulsive one. People with this type of nose are carefully measured. They don’t rush into decisions and are very good at influencing others. Often efficient organisers, they are good at rallying people to take action. They are very rarely aggressive.


Passion and creativity … Obama has a Nubian nose
Famous example: President Barack Obama

NOSE NOTES: This nose is long and wide at the base. It signals creativity and passion. Those with nubian noses are always thinking of new ways to approach problems and are instigators of change. They are open-minded, curious and expressive with their emotions. As a result they tend to be very charismatic, with people naturally drawn to them. Sometimes their emotions get the better of them and they flare up, but their natural charm helps them to make amends.


Snub … Muhammad Ali’s nose indicates a quick-witted person

Famous example: Muhammad Ali

NOSE NOTES: This nose indicates someone who is quick-witted – both physically as well as mentally. They can think fast and tend to be more streetwise than your average person. They also react quickly to situations but sometimes can react too quickly, which may lead to aggression. Chinese face readers believe snub-nosed people make attentive partners.