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Coining Term: Round Nose be called Double Barrel Nose/Nostrils

The Round Nostril (The Round Nose) is widely prevalent in Asian countries China, North Korea, South Korea, Japan , Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines. Some people call it inappropriately ‘Asian Nose’. We know that the Asia includes Russia, South Asia, Middle East, the Central Asia where such nose is rare. The round nose is also found in African and American blacks.

Let us coin a term for this kind of Nose. As it appears like a double barrel gun, it is plausible that we call it DOUBLE BARREL NOSE (DBN) or as the wings of the nose are wide and appear like air filled Parachutes we can call it DOUBLE PARACHUTE NOSE (DPN).


Double barrel Nose (DBN) may be small, medium or of large size. It consists of generally normal or slightly wide root of the nose. As we go down, DBN gradually or suddenly becomes wide. Tip of the nose is not prominent or may be completely absent. Generally, nostrils are directed downward or slightly forward. In the bottom view of the nose, DB nostrils are clearly visible. Inside the nostrils, nose hair and nasal Septum are also visible.

An example of  Asian type of Double Barrel Nostrils.

A good example of  African type of Double Barrel Nostrils.